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Well Being accountability is important for every business, no matter how large or small. Burnout is now recognised as a disease as of 2019 by the World Health Organisation. Programs to prevent burn out are now part of many human resources strategies and liability for unsafe systems of work now includes having teams working in chronic unrelenting stress that leads to burn out.

We all have a window of tolerance to stress arousal and the chronic stress of modern corporate and public life. In a fast paced world we have been conditioned to push ourselves again and again beyond our tolerance level, to power through deadlines and various kinds of work challenges at the expense of self care and family relationships . The wisdom of this is coming under scrutiny as so many people are decompensating. While we all aspire to high achievement, having continually to be in stress arousal and adrenaline driven action takes a huge toll on the body mind and emotions.

Unfortunately burn out creeps up on people, and often we do not really know we are burning out until something bad happens. The most engaged, highest achieving super men and women are susceptible to burnout and the tragic cost this brings in terms of relationship breakdown, diminished work performance and even suicidal ideation.

We can learn ways to be more resilient, we can learn skills to cope better, and to regulate our brain and body for a healthier and more sustainable personal and professional future.

We here at The Well Being Initiative offer cutting edge, evidence based strategies and practices to change the profile of addictive, chronic and eventually debilitating stress. We help you open doors to a more regulated and robust team. The creative power of your team is enhanced and there is better access to higher order thinking, better decision making, higher engagement and better communication internally and with your market. These benefits come  when we are happier, thriving and at peace.

We offer
•      Leadership and team flourishing programs
•      Interactive group sessions from one hour to three days in duration
•      Individual and group packages
•      Decision making group facilitation
•      Well Being practices
•      Relationship and communication programs
•      Conflict resolution services
•      Culture lift

The profits from our medical and corporate work support our charitable purpose of providing well being services to the underprivileged


Our objective in this six part series is to help you thrive and build a life free of debilitating stress, fatigue and potential job burnout. Together, we will layout a foundation of tools to help you overcome such life obstacles as feeling time poor and generally depleted. We aim to support you into a new experience of thriving, through new awareness and practices of self care, so you are able to enjoy your life and work more.

Each Session will Involve:
  • Science – the up-to-date wellbeing research.
  • Top tips for wellbeing arising from the literature and from my clinical experience.
  • Practice - Lift Meditation Technique. If you have tried meditation in the past without success, relax! These sessions will make it easy for you.
Session One
Releasing Resistance to Meditation
Easing into Meditation • Why and how • Research • Benefits • Calming meditation and breath work • Introducing Lift - a process for thriving • Releasing blocks and fears about meditating • Experiencing a Lift for mental calm
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Session Two
How burnout sneaks up on us

The symptoms and cost of burnout • What to look out for • It might not be time to soldier on • How your nervous system deals with life’s challenges • Lift  and guided visualisation for a happier autonomic nervous system • tips for quick calming

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Session Three
Your Resilience Equipment

Making friends with my nervous system • Training new calmer response patterns • Getting to know your own subconscious states • The signs of distress • Options for better decisions • Swinging into a wellbeing cycle • Retraining your nervous system for peace, wellbeing and optimal performance • Breathing • Lift meditation

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Session Four
Positive psychology
Self compassion • Self kindness and why it will help you • Self–connection • Being more mindful • I'm not alone • Kindness Lift for personal wellbeing •  Short and delicious compassion meditation
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Session Five
Energy and emotions
Familiar energetic states • Research on energy based healing • Letting go of other people’s emotional states • Tools for reflection and release • Lift Meditation
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Session Six
Program review

10 types of thriving practice you can use every day • How to save yourself 72 minutes per day • Self-care Lift • So, what’s next? • Lift Meditation Daily tools for calmness reset

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