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Our objective in this six part series is to help you thrive and build a life free of debilitating stress, fatigue and potential job burnout. Together, we will layout a foundation of tools to help you overcome such life obstacles as feeling time poor and generally depleted. We aim to support you into a new experience of thriving, through new awareness and practices of self care, so you are able to enjoy your life and clinical practice more. 

Six Sessions Towards New Awareness and Self Care Practices

Free Pre-recorded Lift Sessions for Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals

To support your wellbeing as you take care of countless others, The Well Being Initiative has pre-recorded  7-20 minute Lift sessions available during this COVID 19 crisis, free to all doctors, nurses and health professionals.

Lift is a modality developed over the past 25 years by Managing Director Kim Durga. It combines meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, breathing practices, positive psychology, mindfulness, energy and sound medicine, transactional analysis, forgiveness, radical acceptance and adaptation.

These Lift sessions have been further adapted by Kathy Perrego, MD to meet the needs of the health care professionals during this stressful time. The sessions focus on stress reduction, calming the nervous system, coping with overwhelm, hopelessness, dealing with worries about getting sick and infecting your love ones, etc. These sessions are designed to foster hope, vitality and resilience.

We are pleased to offer these free of charge to all health care professionals as we deal with this global crisis. We are deeply grateful for your service.

Lift Facilitators:

Kathy Perrego, MD, CGP Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. Scarsdale, NY, USA

Kim Durga Founder and Managing Director of the Well Being Initiative. Cooranbong, NSW, Australia

Free Pre-recorded Lifts HERE

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Breathing Practices - Dr Kathy 10:50 min

10:50 min

Winding Down into Sleep - Dr Kathy

17:22 min

Burning Out?

Usually, we don't notice the signs and symptoms until we are quite stressed, depressed or unwell. Health care professionals are particularly susceptible to burnout. Now recognised as a medical condition by the World Health Organisation (2019) this condition can lead to depressive symptoms, insomnia, body pain, fatigue, absenteeism, job dissatisfaction, as well as a raft of physical problems from high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease to respiratory and gastrointestinal issues.

We are here to help support your journey to wellbeing. We have had a great success in helping thousands of people from all walks of life manage and lift out of these problems. We have also supported people with chronic or terminal illness who have have been depressed and anxious as a result. Lift has been taught and practiced in Australia, USA, Canada, India, UK and China.

We offer gentle, friendly and caring services, sharing effective tools that are easy to integrate into your successful professional life. We want to help you find the most important there is: a happy, healthy YOU!

As well as helping those who are already experiencing challenges, our focus in The Well Being Initiative is providing simple, non-medical tools for the prevention of burnout and related issues.

What we do

We offer drop in classes in Lift, individual sessions as well as structured 8 week Lift group sessions. These bring profound transformation and alleviation of heaviness, bleakness and pain. Participants feel more enlivened, empowered and vital. They report to us that using the simple tools and techniques we share with them, work and home life are easier and more satisfying.

  • Online tips and meditations
  • Group and Individual Lift
  • Upskill people in work place relationship management

We can provide separate groups for

  • Doctors
  • Nursing professionals
  • Health care professionals
  • Medical reception and support staff
  • Members of the public seeking support whether they are referred by doctors, through an outpatient facility, community groups or simply hear about us.

Discover Wellbeing

Lift Meditation
Drop in classes in group format are offered online. Generally 15-30 minutes duration.

Lift Sessions

One on one sessions with a Lift Practitioner, who will accompany you on your journey from distress to re-empowerment. Every session is unique; every time it will offer insights and lift based on exactly where you are right now. You will be shown resilience tools to deal with practical issues and problems. You will probably feel lighter and clearer, and as the journey unfolds your perceptions, reactions, sense of burden and burnout will dissolve into calmness, greater confidence and resilience. 8 sessions are recommended over a 6-10 week period as discussed with your practitioner and to fit in with your schedule. First session 45 minutes thereafter 30-45 minutes.
Lift Group Sessions
Group dynamics enable deep empowerment and priceless learning from peers. Some sessions are closed, other sessions are open to new members, some are gender or job specific (example Lift for nurses, Lift for family doctors, Lift for front line hospital workers and so on), numbers do not exceed 12 per group. A safe and structured foundation will allow all participants to relax, contribute, listen, practise new things, feedback challenges and share discoveries. The vibe is uplifting, inspiring and is followed by tea/coffee and the chance for social interaction for those who choose it. Generally 90 minutes duration weekly.
Over 25 years of helping thousands

“On every occasion that I have met Kim, I have been impressed by her commitment to healing. She has put herself and her students under rigorous training, discipline and practices. She attempts to build in science and research to validate her work. I have seen her treat a group of skeptic physicians and was able to interview them afterwards. They spoke about how they were confused at how they felt so peaceful and calm after their sessions.”

Psychiatrist Badri Rickhi, MBBS, FRCP Member, The International Association of HealthCare Professionals

Dr. Rickhi is clinical associate professor of medicine at the University of Calgary. A psychiatrist who specialises in the relationship between mental health and spirituality, Dr. Rickhi is research chair and a founding member of CINIM (the Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine) based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Kim S Durga
Founder, Managing Director

Situated in Beautiful Bushland Setting

Our head office and Lift Wellbeing facility is at 45 Kings Road, Cooranbong, NSW 2265 Australia. We will also come to you. Contact us to see how we can assist you and your team.

We help people be well and happy

Understanding My Own Needs

Great skills for communicating and relating, in the workplace or in our personal lives.

Richard M, Army Officer, Bondi

I Feel Lighter

After the first Lift session I couldn't believe the difference. I felt lighter, and as though I would be able to find a pathway forward during an extremely stressful period in my personal and professional life. With each session I felt the release of tension and the dissolving away of the hopeless feeling of 3 years of depression.

Margo, Melbourne

Lift Group Sessions

I have never relished the thought of sitting around talking about problems with a bunch of other people doing the same. Happily Lift group sessions are not like that. It is refreshing, entertaining, uplifting, bonding and the best thing I have found. I have learned so many skills that I can use every day, to keep on top of things and to thrive.

Edward, MD, Sydney

No Longer Drained

I never expected that the work I enjoy and the career I love would be so draining. After giving 110% for years I had nothing left.  Lift cleaned that out and gave me the energy and focus I need to do my job to the best of my ability and know how to care for my own wellbeing in the process.

Sally, High School Teacher, Central Coast

Lift meditation is not a medical treatment. If you are feeling suicidal or acutely depressed, please consult your usual doctor as well as having more treatment.



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