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Are you one of the millions of people who are affected by pain, stress, anxiety, burn out or depression? Have you tried other things but it is not working for you? Are you ready to try something new that is safe and non-invasive? Lift may be just what you have been looking for.

We want to help you find the most important thing there is:

A Happy, Healthier YOU!

What is Lift?

Lift Meditation Technique is a modality developed and practiced over the past 25 years in Australia, USA, UK, Canada India and China. It combines meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, breathing practices, positive psychology, mindfulness, energy and sound medicine, transactional analysis, forgiveness, radical acceptance and adaptation.

The sessions take between 30-45 minutes, usually on Zoom, other online platforms and in person. They help to relieve the pressure arising from life events, relationships and past challenges. Participants usually report feeling lighter, happier and more empowered to lift their life to a new level.

Those we cannot help

We have lots of success helping people with depression, anxiety, burn out, pain, relationship issues and chronic stress.

We have found over the years that our methods usually do not work for people who present with:

  • Florid psychosis, current mania or bi-polar imbalance, dissociative identity disorder or who dissociate a lot
  • borderline personality disorder,
  • Illegal drug users and those who are inebriated when coming to sessions,
  • People in acute psychiatric state,
  • People with unrealistic expectations that one session will fix things, who do not want to go on a supported healing journey,
  • Sessions demanded by family members against the will of the client

Lift Your Life and someone else's

When you book and pay for a full price Lift you are also contributing towards another person’s well being. You will be supporting someone else to receive Lift. Part of your lift session fee goes towards a lift for someone in need that can’t afford it.

You can also donate directly The Lift Fund here (all donations over $2 are tax deductable).

How to Book

Income Greater Than AU$50,000 per annum
If your income is greater than AU$50,000 per annum, Lift Sessions are offered at the normal price of AU$165 inc GST per session.

Or, book a package of 5 sessions for AU$660 and get five sessions for the price of four (Save AU$165) when you pay in advance.

When you book and pay for a 1-1 Lift you are also contributing towards another person’s well being. You will be supporting someone else to receive Lift.
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Income Less Than AU$50,000 per annum
If your income is less than the median Australian wage (AU$50,000 per annum) you are eligible to receive discounted sessions at AU$295 for a set of 5 sessions. This is a discount of more than 50% and is payable in advance.
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Free Sessions - Financial Hardship: Healthcare Card, Pension, Social Security Recipients

Lift sessions with highly trained practitioners are offered sometimes for free. Clients with a health card who are accepted into the Lift Your Life program can apply to receive five free sessions. If your application is successful, and we think we can help you, sessions will commence as soon as we have availability of practitioner and funds to pay them. At the conclusion of the allotted sessions you will be asked to provide feedback outlining your experience, including improvements noticed as a result of the treatment. Many people like to offer a donation to The Well Being Initiative because they are so happy with the outcomes. It’s up to you.

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Got questions?

To discuss the suitability of our program for you, or if you have any other inquiries.

Contact The Well Being Initiative:
Phone: (02) 4977 3311  Email:   or

Submit this form and we will get in touch with you, usually within 2 working days:


Give the Gift of Healing

Lift focuses on stress reduction, calming the nervous system, coping with overwhelm, hopelessness, and dealing with worries.
Lift sessions are designed to foster hope, vitality and resilience.
  • “Lift sessions reduced my stress. I recommend Lift sessions to anyone with stress and health issues”.  

    G. Lake Macquarie

  • “From the first Lift session my emotional state changed for the better and the pain left my hips and legs. I decided to continue with regular Lift sessions to maintain this level of joy, peace and comfort in my body”.

    V. (retired nurse), Newcastle

  • “The pain of the shingles reduced significantly after the first two Lift sessions and healed completely in record time with no pain at all by the end of the five sessions.”

    R. Newcastle

  • “These Lift sessions have helped me stay positive during the stressful time of finding new (living) accommodation”.

    R. Newcastle

  • “I highly recommend the Well Being Initiative to anyone having physically painful conditions”.

    R. Newcastle

  • “The five Lift sessions I had with my practitioner were fantastic, I felt extremely comfortable and I found it easy to trust her, she was very professional and accessible throughout the lifts especially when I had questions”.

    J. Adelaide

  • “I highly recommend Lift sessions and I am grateful to have received them”.

    J. Adelaide

  • “Following my Lift sessions I was clearer and more focused, my body felt lighter and I had more energy and vitality”.

    J. Adelaide

  • “I have been living with Parkinsons’ for 13 years, over 10 Lift sessions I had some sound improvements in my physical health and emotional wellbeing. These positive physical improvements have given me back hope in my life”.

    SD, 2020

  • “Ten weeks ago I was mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually sick. I cannot believe how far I have come in such a short period of time! These 10 Lift sessions have been literally life-saving and life-giving to me."

    J. Sydney

  • “I have suffered for more than 20 years with chronic migraines and pain, chronic fatigue, environmental, food and chemical sensitivities, depression, anxiety, and issues with organisation. Following my Lift sessions I have had less migraines than when I started and more consistent energy levels”.

    A. Speers Point

  • “The Lift sessions have resulted in me feeling calmer and more peaceful, my mind/thoughts are clearer and I’m now accepting of why I allowed myself to carry excess weight for so long and now feel ready to do something about it”.

    K, Central Coast

  • “It was so wonderful having access to the Lift sessions right after I had had a major surgery, and was also going through some emotional challenges. I’m really grateful and found the regular connection really helpful”.

    S, Canberra

  • “I would highly recommend the Lift sessions to anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and trauma”.

    L, South Coast

  • “I feel much calmer and more relaxed after each Lift session and am able to have a good night's sleep”.

    L, South Coast

  • “Lift Your Life has provided me with simple tools I can use when I find myself in challenging situations and I am able to recover more quickly back to a calm state. I have learnt to help bring more peace, relaxation and joy into my life”.

    L, South Coast

  • “Following my Lift sessions I feel much more grounded, centered and stable. Being more settled, I am more comfortable throughout my days. I am pretty sure I am sleeping better as well. My breathing is now free and easy after Covid19 and I have good energy back!"

    D, Middletown, CT, USA

  • “The Lift sessions have resulted in more positive energy and thoughts that are less dark and more light. I have had a shift in realisation, which has brought more balance, more calmness and compassion into my life”.

    J. Cooranbong

The Lift Your Life initiative also raises money to provide free Lift sessions to people who cannot afford them

Lift Meditation Technique is not a medical treatment. If you are feeling suicidal or acutely depressed, please consult your usual doctor as well as having more treatment.

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